Booking Your Appointment
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We work by appointment only here at Ivory Grace - weekdays are a little more chilled out but if you fancy a Saturday we advise you book a few weeks in advance so you have the choice of the date/time you desire! To book an appointment please click here.

How long do I need to order my dress?
Ivory Grace | Bridal boutique | Bridesmaid dresses Aberdeen

We advise booking an appointment around a year before your wedding date (there is no set structure to this - people will also book 2 years in advance or 2 months - but the main thing is to begin your search when you are ready to buy. Look too early - and a dress you fall in love with could be discontinued by the time you are ready to say yes. Go too late and it can limit your search to either choosing an off-the-rail gown or restrict you to dresses available on a rush order (less than 5 months delivery is classed as a rush order - these incur a rush fee which can be up to 20% of the price of your dress) and always remember we need to factor in alteration time post arrival.

Who Should I bring with me?
Ivory Grace | Bridal boutique | Bridesmaid dresses Aberdeen

Whoever you like. There is no right or wrong way to shop - if you want to come on your own then you will have our undivided attention and a super organic experience with no pressure but just our advice and styling to help you along the way. If you would like a little company and want to bring a family member or your bestie to help you choose then you are more than welcome to take them along. There are two super important things to remember though - firstly, you never know when you will find “The One” so it's best to shop with the people you want to be there when you do, and also don’t bring too many people. Looking for your dress can be a little overwhelming for some, and having a huge entourage can exasperate those feelings. We generally advise no more than 3 but can seat up to 4 guests. (Our bridesmaid suit is a little different and can accommodate larger groups if need be so we have no limit for bridesmaids bookings).

What Happens If I find The One?
Ivory Grace | Bridal boutique | Bridesmaid dresses Aberdeen

Firstly - celebrate! Then we go through some paperwork, possibly take some measurements depending on the designer you have chosen and then we ask you to pay a deposit to place your order. We will let you know when to expect your dress to arrive, what you need to do while you wait and then we will give you a ring when it arrives for you to come and try your dress on! The final balance is payable within 30 days of your dress arriving in-store.

Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable to other goods. For our full list of T&C’s please click here.

What is your price range?
Ivory Grace | Bridal boutique | Bridesmaid dresses Aberdeen

Our bridal designers range from £495 - £3300 and our bridesmaids are £135 - £295. We have dresses available off the rail at a reduced price too so if you are working with-in a budget please give us a call and we can hopefully help you find what you are looking for!

What is the size range in the boutique?
Ivory Grace | Bridal boutique | Bridesmaid dresses Aberdeen

We do our best to be as inclusive as possible in the boutique, if you are concerned at all, please just lift the phone and have a chat with us so we can put you at ease. Most of our samples in store range from a size 10 - 22 but our dresses can be ordered from a size 0 - 30. Each of our designers have their own size chart and vary in the fit so please try not to think about what size you are trying on!

What should I wear to my appointment?
Ivory Grace | Bridal boutique | Bridesmaid dresses Aberdeen
  • Bra wise; honestly we normally recommend going without so that you can let the dress and its structure do its job, however a nude bra is great if you would like to wear one , as are stick-ons -  but the chances are we will ask you to take these off throughout the appointment as most of our dresses have built in support and these can get in the way of you seeing the true fit/structure of the dress you are trying on.
  • For your bottom half; nude/seamfree numbers are our fave - if you want a little extra support then control wear is totally fine - but make sure these don’t cause any bulges around your bum or thighs as this can put you off a dress you may otherwise love - if you are unsure just take them along with you in your bag and we can pop them on throughout!
  • A pair of comfy heels can't go amiss, it means you have a heel height and shoe you are comfortable with wearing if you wish to do so throughout your appointment.

(We are looking at you too bridesmaids… come prepared to try on dresses girls!)

Ivory Grace | Bridal boutique | Bridesmaid dresses Aberdeen

Although we do not have an in-house seamstress, we work extremely closely with our preferred seamstresses to ensure you get the best possible fit for your bridal gown - your alterations will take place around 6 weeks before your wedding day, we will advise you regarding what you need to do and when depending on your specific needs.

Some of our designers do offer a made to measure service however this is available at an additional cost and you will still need some tweaks to ensure you have the perfect fit. Otherwise, we will order the size closest to your measurements and then usually there will be minor alterations required. (These alterations are not included in the cost of your dress and are charged outside the boutique.)

Cleaning Your Dress
Ivory Grace | Bridal boutique | Bridesmaid dresses Aberdeen

Post-wedding, your bridal gown will likely need a little TLC! The dress you have chosen from us will more than likely comprise of a mixture of silks, lace or beading therefore we recommend a specialist cleaning company in the south of England. Terrington Burchett (link website) will courier your dress from door to door and offer a variety of packages to ensure your dress is cleaned and stored perfectly so you can treasure your dress for years to come.

Ivory Grace | Bridal boutique | Bridesmaid dresses Aberdeen

We are on the corner of Great Western Road and Forbesfield Road. There is free on-street parking available on Forbesfield Road.

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